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All Your Funeral Planning Questions Answered.

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan can help you not only plan but pay for your funeral during your lifetime. 

You simply decide on the type of funeral you want and then pre-pay the cost of your selected funeral director’s services. So, there are no rising costs or hidden charges to worry about. By paying upfront, you effectively freeze the cost of a funeral, ‘locking-in’ the cost at today’s prices.

Funeral costs can present your loved ones with a significant sum of money to find when you’re gone. With a pre-paid plan, you can be content in the knowledge that you’re helping to reduce the financial burden on your family. It’s worth remembering, however, that a funeral plan isn’t just about money, it’s also about making things easier for those dearest to you. When the time comes, the funeral director will be ready to take care of everything, which is a relief for everyone.

What is the average cost of a funeral?

The average cost of a funeral in 2017 was £4,078, an increase of over 70% in the last decade. If this trend were to continue, a basic funeral could cost almost £7,000 in 10 years’ time, and over £12,000 in the next two decades.

By taking out a pre-paid funeral plan, you can ensure that these costs are covered in advance. In other words, you sooner you take out a funeral plan, the more you’re likely to save.

How much is a funeral plan?

They start from £2,500. Buy a Rest Assured funeral plan through Town & Country Law and get an exclusive discount of £200!

Rest Assured funeral plan benefits.

  • Up to 5-year payment terms with no handling fee.
  • Money is held within an independent trust.
  • Funds are invested with FCA regulated fund manager.
  • No credit checks.
  • Monthly payment plan options.
  • Low deposit.
  • No age limits.
  • Price match.
  • £1,100 contribution towards third-party costs.
  • Optional bolt on for only £150 to guarantee all third-party costs are covered.
  • Currently offering £200.00 discount to Town & Country Law customers which, we believe, makes these plans the cheapest within the market.

SunLife’s Cost of Dying Report 2018 stated:-
In 2018, we’ve seen a rise in the overall cost of dying once again. Since last year, it’s grown from £8,905 – to an all-time high of £9,204 (+3.4%).
The increase in the average cost of a funeral has played a key role in this jump. For the 15th year in a row, we’ve seen a price rise: it now stands at £4,271 – which marks a 4.7% jump since 2017. This adds up to a 122% increase since we first started tracking funeral pricing back in 2004.