Inheritance Tax Calculator

Inheritance tax is a tax payable on estates exceeding £325,000 in value (or £650,000 for a married couple) and its rate stands at 40%. If you leave your estate to charity, or a spouse or civil partner, inheritance tax will not apply (in the case of a spouse, upon the first spouse’s death). If you leave your estate to anyone else, such as your children, then the tax will come into effect. However, through efficient, lawful planning you can ensure as little of your estate goes to HMRC as possible.

Use our Inheritance Tax Calculator below, to help you work out how much you could owe in Inheritance Tax. Once complete, you can then send this information through to us, and someone from our professional and friendly team will be in touch to help discuss your unique requirements.

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IHT Liability of 40%: This is what you could owe in Inheritance Tax. Contact us now to discuss your unique requirements. By clicking the button below, you will be taken to our contact form where the value will automatically be added to the form.