Thinking of leaving a gift to charity in your Will?

Thinking of leaving a gift to charity in your Will?

Did you know that the under 55s are more likely to donate to charity than their older counterparts? Barclays have recently conducted a survey that concluded, despite common perceptions, those aged 54 and under donate more to charity.

This news should shake up the Charities industry given the general view within the industry that the over 50s provide the main source of income.

Charities are an important part of our economy with the voluntary sector contributing £12.2 billion to the UK economy each year. Many of us will place out spare change in a donation box or sponsor a friend, but have you ever thought about leaving a legacy in your Will?

Leaving a legacy to a charity in your Will is a great way of continuing to support a charity even after you have gone. You can specify a certain amount or a share of your estate. You can also include wishes on how the charity is to use the money you donate.

In addition to this gifts to charity in your Will are exempt from inheritance tax and can therefore have an important role when it comes to estate planning.

If you would like to include a gift to charity in your Will or would like more information about gifts to charities then please contact our friendly team.