Probate Services

We believe that executorships and trusteeships are best kept within your family (or friends).

However, when it becomes necessary to obtain a grant of probate on an estate, executors and trustees often seek professional help.

We offer probate services to clients who require professional help in administering an estate, which may prove complex. Our probate services cover everything necessary to obtain a grant of probate, administer the estate, call in all money and assets, discharge any necessary debts, and distribute gifts and legacies to your beneficiaries.

Because we believe that your estate is best dealt with by your family, friends and loved ones, we never call in your money to us, but rather to a separate bank account that your executors will set up, with our help, ensuring they have control of all monies at all times, given that you have trusted them to make sure your beneficiaries receive the gifts and legacies you have set out.

These services may include reserved legal activity which means that some legal work must be undertaken by an authorised person in accordance with the Legal Services Act 2007 and authorised persons must be authorised by an approved regulator who will ensure that the regulatory obligations are met. Such work is referred to as “reserved legal activity” and entitles clients to specific protections. For the benefit of our clients, we have arrangements in place with a firm of solicitors we work very closely with who we will introduce you too. You can read more here.

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