Will Registration

The National Will Register, provided by Certainty, is a database of all Wills registered with it in the UK.

It is widely used by Will Writers throughout the UK to register Wills to ensure that they are not lost and can be easily located in the future.

It does not show your Will, but rather shows that you have a Will, and where it is stored.

People often choose to have a Will written, and then in some cases decades can pass without thinking about the Will again; they or their executors may forget where the Will is, or even that there is one.

The National Will Register aims to tackle this issue.

Certainty charge £30 inclusive of VAT to register your Will, and ensure it will not be lost.

Town & Country Law offers this service free to all of our Clients who choose to store their Will, and sometimes other legal documents with us.

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Do I need document storage?

We can’t answer that question! However, you can absolutely store your own documents: wills, powers of attorney, trust etc.

Why do I need document storage?

Our document storage is excellent: a bonded, secure, insured purpose built warehouse. Our Clients receive a storage certificate confirming how to retrieve their legal documents directly.

People choose to store their legal documents for a variety of reasons: they may not want important documents to be left in the home; they are concerned that they could be lost to fire or water damage; they could be taken or misused; to keep private documents private; they can tell trustees and executors where to retrieve the documents when they eventually need them, without handing them over now, etcetera.

If storing your important documents is of benefit to you,  just let us know.

Storage of your Will, Trust, Powers of Attorney with us costs £25 per year inclusive of VAT, regardless of how many documents you store with us, and includes registration of your Will on the Certainty National Will Register, which otherwise costs £30.

If this could benefit you, contact us!